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  1. I'm personally super interested to see how these preform. I own the G3 and love them. But something like this could be a great second or something small to throw in a bag just in case of quick on the spot interviews.
  2. I ran into this when I had "Natural View" turned on.
  3. They're used in the post-process to bring the LOG colors to a more standard look.
  4. @thephoenix I don't think you can live view LUTs on the Fuji XT3. It does offer a view assist but it's just a standard rec.709 conversion.
  5. @Snowbro That looks stunning. Can't wait to see the final piece. That Arri conversion really look beautiful.
  6. I've been reading these forums for a few years now, but just recently signed up. Anyway; I own the XT3 and the Fringer adapter. It's seriously an absolutely amazing camera. The adapter has been a joy as well. Anyone have any question or tests you would like to see? I own the Sigma 18-35, Sigma 50-100, Canon 10-18mm, and the Fuji 23mm f/2.
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