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    V-Mount Batteries

    I got it, so which one you can advise (2 batteries with a charger)?
  2. Thanks , these are all good stuff but these c stands can hold 22lbs which is not enought for heavy lights as 300d ii or for others (the second option is really great), because i want to buy more versatile so is there any options even not in B&H but with capacity of holding 27/30/33lbs?
  3. i'm located in Yerevan, but usually purchase through amazon/B&H/ebay/aliexpress so if you have the links please share it and yes China can work as well)
  4. can you send the purchasing links for Matthews or Impact and 150cm softbox?
  5. Hayk

    V-Mount Batteries

    Which are the best or affordable batteries and chargers for V-Mounts? 1. for using on lights (Aputure 300di/120dii,, forza 300/500, fotodiox factor prizmo 150/300, intellytech 160, arri s60c) 2. for charging cine cameras(Red, Canon c200/500, Alexa mini,) and mirrorless (S1H, ...) I understand that each light or camera need's specific voltage, that's why for some lights it should be this one for the others that one..., but you can suggest such a versions which will work good on any lights and cameras for long time.
  6. Got it, can you tell me, during interviews with 120dII or with forza do you use light dome II, aputure fresnel with or without barndoors? I mean which from the accessories do you use mostly, maybe light dome? And can you tell me which stands do you use for holding properly forza (300 or 500)?
  7. Agree, better to have brightest one, but after watching this test Forza 300 vs Aputure 300d II i understood that Forza is brighter than 300d II, but it's too noisy and i am mostly shoot interviews, so i can wait until Aputure 600 will be available, but price would be too high ((( so Forza 500 would be more noisy than his youngest brother.
  8. Which lights will be you're choices for getting soft light during 1. interviews and b-rolls? 2. Narrative stuff 3. Musical videos
  9. I didn't know this, thanks, sure i can use gel or i can just buy Bi Color lights which don't have an RGB.
  10. I wanna hear you're suggestions which is the best options for video/photo light between 700-1200$ or with less price? These lights i am gonna use mostly 80% taking videos, the rest 20% it would be some photo shoots. After watching some of the reviews on youtube i find that these are really good lights for use, if you are agree or disagree please tell me. 1. Aputure 300D II or wait until they will start selling Aputure LS 300X Bi-Color 2 Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Prizmo 150 RGB 3. Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160RGBW and in cheapest segment 4. Falcon Eyes RX-24TDX 150W 5. Falcon Eyes RX-818 RGB 100W 6. Menik CB-102A 102W
  11. So this is your personal opinion or it was a rumor concerning ALEXA Mini 1080 with academic pricing? And in nowadays there is no official sources that confirms that? You're right because if they will make limited ARRI cameras with academic pricing for educational institutions, it will definitely help them in future to have a potential customers who will buy or rent ARRI cameras & equipment.
  12. HI to all, just wanna hear your thoughts that's why don't be too sarcastic ) As you know RED is testing and maybe during this year they will introduce most afforbale camera in their product line - KOMODO, which price will be approximately 5000-6000$ Sources: https://***URL not allowed***/red-komodo-what-we-know-so-far/ https://ymcinema.com/2019/10/07/komodo-6k-camera-a-badass-little-red/ https://www.4kshooters.net/2019/11/26/red-komodo-6k-sensor-size-revealed/ So here is the question, is it possible that ARRI's engineers are working or will start to work in nearest future to create affordable camera in their line as well?
  13. Wanna get the highest video quality with Sony A7III camera and turn it into "Cinema Camera"! So which brand accessories should i buy for achieving best quality? 1. External monitor for recording with the highest frame rate & please add your suggested settings for external video shooting. 2. SSD or SD for your mentioned external monitor. 2. Rig/Cage. 3. Follow Focus for manual and for wireless using. 4. Matt boxes. 5. Power supply (V mount/Gold Mount/or) 6. V mount/Gold Mount/or Lock plate 7. Wireless transmitter so the director or focus puller can see the image If there is something that i forgot, but you advise me to use or add, please tell me, thanks.
  14. Thanks a lot, it's works!
  15. Please advice how to squeeze photo correctly in photoshop taken with anamorphic lens/adapter 1.33x ?
  16. How much to squeeze in premiere 1.33x 4K anamorphic shooted on 16:9 and 4:3 ?
  17. I have tested it with helios 44-2, but the quality of the image was not sharp as i wished it to be, what do you think is it possible that helios 44-4 lens image would be sharper ? I have ordered canon 40mm pancake lens soon will test on it too! Besides that testing with canon ef 50mm f/1.8 lens i got vignetting.
  18. Hi to All, Please advice me, which lens to use with SLR Magic Anamorphot 50mm 1.33x adapter with rangefinder , on 2 different FF cameras like Canon 5D Mark IV & Sony A7III. I've heard a lot of suggestions for Mark IV that the best lenses are canon's pancake 40mm lens f/2.8, Helios 44-2 & etc... I am new here, and never worked with anamorphic adapters, so if someone will explain me i will be very thankful!
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