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  1. I just bought one, disregard
  2. Want to buy a Leica Elmarit R 19mm f/2.8 in good shape Hoping to match serial numbers to my current set (~300xxx) serious buyer! kevinvreyes@gmail.com
  3. Acquired one on Ebay, thanks!
  4. Looking to source a Leica 90 cron R with serial range 29xxx-30xxx
  5. Kowa Prominar 16-H (Purple coating) - $1400 - Excellent condition! No haze, fungus, scratches/chips in glass, focus is smooth. Comes with front/rear clamp and caps. Secondary flare renders a pretty blueish tone which complements the purple flare very nicely! Open to reasonable offers. Email (kevinvreyes@gmail.com) - Payment - PayPal, buyer assumes PayPal fees - Shipping from Costa Mesa, CA - worldwide, buyer assumes shipping and insurance costs See test images/video below. (Shot with Leica R 50mm @ f2). Kowa_16H_-_Flare_video.mp4
  6. Hey all, looking to buy an anamorphic set up. Would prefer Bolex 16/32/1.5x but seeing as those are super rare my second preference is a Kowa B&H or 16H. Let me know if you're selling, I''m ready to buy! Thanks and happy shooting, Kevin
  7. I'm interested! Can you PM on here? Can you send me some photos? Kevinvreyes@gmail.com
  8. Im curious as to the history of the bolex 16/32/1.5x. Which cameras/projectors were they originally intended for?
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