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  1. Hi, Wanting to buy my first monitor....can anyone confirm that the Samsung NX1 will work with the Small HD FOCUS monitor? Thanks so much for any info.
  2. My guess would be no...because if it worked it should really have triggered the Mix Pre. But I would love another NX1 owner to tell me I'm wrong. It might be one of those things a firmware update could fix...just a pity Samsung dumped the camera before they ever developed this feature.
  3. Hi. Just to update this old question. I tried connecting my NX1 via HDMI and sadly couldn't get the auto trigger feature to work. Tried a range of options...so unless I've missed a setting somewhere I don't think the NX1 can do it. The good news is the Mix Pre is a fantastic pre amp for the camera...I could set the mic level to 1 on the NX1..patch a mic through the Mix Pre and then to the camera from the output. When listening back on headphones it was tough to hear a difference between the audio recorded on the NX1 versus the audio recorded on the SD card of the Mix Pre itself (which saves syncing in post)...possibly still a bit better...but the Mix Pre as a pre amp suddenly turns the audio quality of the NX1 recordings to a very high level.
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