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    CharlesX1337 reacted to LaneMc in The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!   
    I have no problem with Cinema5d posting a 40k cage. Many of us were creating video content professionally far before the "dslr revolution", and we continue to do so. Back in the day we could get a 5d mk2 and create images that were arguably better than the $30k video cameras of the day. But, since then the industry has moved on... and many of us have moved with it. We still like the smaller mirorless and dslr cams that produce great results, but as our careers have grown, so have our camera options. We have easy access to Alexa's, Reds, Varicams, Fs7's on down... Most pro jobs cover the cost of renting these cameras rather then sinking $45k into ownership anyway. 

    As an independent producer I appreciate knowing what's happening across the entire landscape of digital cinema. All the shooters I personally know feel the same way. 
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