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  1. Yeah I understand, just curious about the higher rolling shutter in 50/60P compared to 25P, 16ms/9ms almost 2x. Did you notice that? I though higher framerate usually result in lower rolling shutter. Whici DR mode did you use for the comprison? DR mode is now available in video mode like X-H1, Fuji quotes 12 stops DR with DR400 and Eterna.
  2. Thanks! Fuji website says 16ms rolling shutter for 4K 60P, cinema5D says 9ms for 4K 25P. Do these numbers align with your own observation?
  3. Some love for the almost forgotten A7S III: https://***URL not allowed***/where-is-the-sony-a7s-iii-video-interview/ Leaks from Weibo: Exmor RS sensor 4K 120P with crop 8bit/10bit X-OCN with grip
  4. Latest leak from Weibo: S1/S1R use Sony global shutter sensors. S1R has 150MP pixel shift mode for photos. 4K60p supersampled from 8192x4320 sensor area.
  5. https://www.atomos.com/drives You don't have to use the Angelbird mini SSD, full size drives work too but they will protrude to the left side a bit.
  6. Thanks! I'd love to see a low light ISO test with noise reduction all the way down to -4. Judging from the JPEG performance, X-T3 could potentially retain excellent detail up to 6400.
  7. Did you try face detection & tracking?
  8. The newer f/2 primes and f/2.8 zooms are quad-linear motor so AF-C performance is much improved. On X-T3 older gen lenses got a bump in performance but still cannot compete with the newer ones.
  9. Regarding noise, it depends on how you look at the pixel count. On a 1:1 level, the 100MP sensor has identical noise performance as X-T3, it's the same 3.76um photosite architecture, the 100MP one is like four X-T3 sensor stitched together. If you normalise the images to standard 8MP (DxO "print" test method), the 100MP will have at least 3EV more DR in theory.
  10. It's about FOV and perspective distortion. A 50mm lens on MF will have 50mm perspective distortion but equivalent of 35mm FOV, making things look "grand". Of course it's easier to achieve shallow DOF with MF, but it's not the only thing.
  11. DR400 in Eterna would definitely make a difference, since they both share the same base ISO of 640. I'd think of it as Eterna LUT applied internally.
  12. What do you mean? Some of the shots have harsh highlight clipping, I think if you used DR400 with Eterna you would have better highlight roll-off. On X-T2 the DR mode isn't available in video mode.
  13. Thanks for the test, did you use DR400 with Eterna? You get about 12 stops of DR.
  14. Again from the senior semicon enginner on Weibo: X-T3 uses a Sony sensor, same 3.76um photosite architecture seen on medium format sensor IMX411/IMX461, with BSI, copper interconnect and 16bit ADC. Think of it as a crop from the medium format sensors. According to this engineer, Samsung does have a APS-C sensor but it's only recently taped out, 50MP ISOCELL+HD which is equivalent to Sony's Exmor RS, but without the DRAM.
  15. Looks like 100P/120P on X-T3 went from line-skipping (X-T2/X-H1) to pixel-binning, sharp horizonal lines like the fence are clean unlike X-Trans III. Reasonable amount of detail but definitely not supersampled from the entire 1.29x sensor area.
  16. Yep, TowerJazz FF global shutter, according to a senior semicon engineer:
  17. ETA mid Oct! https://www.proav.co.uk/swit-5-5-inch-full-hd-4k-hdmi-lcd-monitor
  18. I was told that TowerJazz, a CMOS sensor manufacturer, just signed off a large order with a big client for its FF global shutter sensor, the client is very likely to be Panasonic.
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