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  1. SET OF 3 LOMO ANAMORPHIC LENSES, NAS, WITH PL MOUNT Set of three lenses: 35mm, T2,5 50mm, T 2,5 and a 80mm, T2,4 All with PL Mount The package price is € 30.000,-- Lenses come with: - front cap - rear PL cap; - new suitcase Lenses have metric scale. These are Russian vintage ANAMORPHIC NAS Lomo lenses with PL mount. They were used for a big movie recently and then inspected and serviced by Pure4C (Munich) These are 35mm camera format lenses. We used lenses on RED EPIC 6 K. There is a possibility for a lens test in Berlin (Germany) before purchase. The test costs € 100,-- (two hours) if you bring your own camera or € 300,-- (two hours) at a rental house including a RED camera. These lenses are 35 years old and work like old Russian lenses. In exchange you get vintage anamorphic look with amazing flares. ITEMS CONDITION: There are no deep scratches, cracks or any other serious damages on glasses. There is micro dust inside optical construction, but this is normal in vintage optics. Lenses are in great optical condition for their age. Focus rings works smooth There are normal signs of use on lens casing, they have light scratches and paint missings. Lenses are not in mint condition, but they are in excellent shape for their age. They perform well and they are sharp and contrasty. Contact: [email protected]
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