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  1. Hi, I'm new to anamorphic but have been doing a ton of research on the subject and today I finally assembled everything but I can't seem to get it to focus. I know not to try focusing on close objects but I'm looking at 50ft away. I've watched a bunch of tutorials online for focusing and I think I have the concept down but I'm looking for advice as to whether I just need to practice and try more or if there's something wrong with my setup. When I focus my taking lens, (a Canon 85mm 1.8) I can see a huge difference in focusing but when I adjust the Anamorphic lens focus, it seems to do almost nothing at all. I stopped down my aperture a ton to give myself the best odds of catching focus but no luck. When I adjust the focus ring on the Anamorphic lens, it moves the final element forward and back. I'm guessing that is how it's supposed to work but I'm not sure as this is the first Anamorphic lens I've purchased. When I look through just the Anamorphic lens, my eye can't focus on anything, no matter the focus distance. Is that an indication that something is wrong? Any advice would be helpful! Even if it's just telling me that my setup is correct and dual focusing is hard and to try harder. I have included a list of the gear I'm using and a Google drive Link to photos and a video of my setup (in case they don't upload right here). Thanks in advance for your help! I'm using: Isco Ultra Star Gold Anamorphic adapter (I took it apart from a full lens) Canon 6D Canon 85mm f/1.8 EF Vid Atlantic lens clamp kit Vid Atlantic front filter clamp kit https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1MAdf5JHXHUyI8kIi5stu1A2U2DK8WrED
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