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  1. new lens Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC Canon EF with isco ultra star red. ATTENTION!!!! works only from 1.5m-4.5m or u need change synchronization point for far/near distance front filter 77mm for close up or NDx / mount for Canon EOS lens clear no problem no dust in best conditions my test of this lens on real wedding https://yadi.sk/d/cyiwDWj03XaQhy/01 - Камера Isco x1-75 finish video PRICE for all parts 2000$ PayPal i have VID_20180723_163818.3gp
  2. 900$ via PayPal Back clamp 72 mm for fastening of lenses and to threshing barns (a lens I sell separately 200$/85mm Samyang) The ideal decision for use of a single of focus, all options will approach POOLi FOCUS MODULE v2 Rectilux HardcoreDNA SLR Magic Rangefinder - Single Focus for Anamorphic FM lens Ready set up it was necessary only to fasten a single focus. I have flown down ideally without scratches, it is externally painted. The best option from all possible, beats with Isco ultra-star patches of light (Isco doesn't have them) and sharpnesses. not to mention kowa-16h. + a forwa
  3. Vintage Lenses adapter for ost-18 to canon eos and other for PL GH5 11-35-1 ost-18 mount Lomo Oks 1-50-1 ost-18 mount Lomo Oks 1-50-6 ost-18 mount Lomo Oks 6-75-1 m42 mount Lomo Oks 1-75-1 m42 mount Lomo Oks 1-135-1 m39 mount Lomo Oks 4-28-1 ost-18 mount Lomo Oks 85mm f/1.5 Helios-40-2C mount canon eos ro3-3m ost-18 mount Lomo
  4. Lens clean - no problem . mechanics is good Like new! Price 1900$ Conditions https://yadi.sk/d/DrSzT2kg3Xxfav My test this lens https://yadi.sk/d/cyiwDWj03XaQhy/02 - Камера La7200 x1-33 Widescreen Recording When attached to the AG-DVX100 or the AG-DVC80 the lens adapter will allow for the highest quality 16:9 aspect ratio recording. Higher quality than even the in-camera LETTERBOX or DIGITAL SQUEEZE functions. The converter compresses the horizontal aspect of the image fitting a greater width view onto the CCDs. When view
  5. for sale- cinelux anamorphic and lens not including Lens clean - no problem . mechanics is good Rectilux Hardcore DNA is very hard to get. Has built-in clamp. new (allows to focus just on the rectilux ring, no need for double focusing). Conditions https://yadi.sk/d/HI9TiOrO3XtEeW My test this lens https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Bddt/3TxFc7Zr1 https://vimeo.com/259870767 https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8wSz/u2iSto9QD https://vimeo.com/261621639 https://vimeo.com/258115961 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCtL3Q0_Vjo https://yadi.sk/d/R7o3mpb43NSMce/1 -
  6. oks1-135-1 lomo 135mm m39 mount NO NAME 3,2 filter 77mm on glue 600$
  7. i know price but u need waiting so long time =)) and i has saled one yet...for my price
  8. for $1500 i sell only Rectilux becouse its Rare for exampel link on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rectilux-Hardcore-ADN-Lente-Close-Up-anamorfica-acromatico-variable-Dioptria-Isco-/182533174995?_ul=CR Its last one lens - not so long ago at me them was two but one has gone to Milan
  9. 200$ only lens Lomo 35Nap2-3m Anamorphic 1000$ OKS 6-75-1 M42 mount 1600$ Rectilux HardcoreDNA Used 100$ Upiter 11
  10. 350$ CINE RO3-3M 50mm f/2 LOMO okt-18 1000$ lomo foton1:3,5 37-140 ост18 500$ gear Lomo 35Nap2-3m Anamorphicu can use 85mm lens and more on FF camera and zeiss not including
  11. i have big collection USSR lens 800$ OKS 1-150-1 cine ОКС1-150-1 Lomo M39 mount 600$ OKS4-28-1 cine 2_28 мм LOMO, mount (ОСТ-18) u can buy adaptel for all sistem
  12. for sale 1000$ if u have anamrphic 35-Bas its will be great single focus with work together only with a round BAS !!!
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