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  1. Thanks for the consideration, happy you were able to sell!
  2. Understandable! I would agree to that price, I do have a bid in for a different seller on eBay now, which ends in 4 days and I see you listed on eBay as well (at least I assume it is you haha, same pics and price.) I assume you would want to give it a few days anyway at least to see if you can sell both the lens and the body/grip together, but if I don’t win this auction I totally would be interested if you still are. Thanks for getting back with me!
  3. So somehow the sensor to my nx1 was damaged and I don’t really have the money to start over with a new camera + all new lenses at the moment...So I have been hoping to find an NX1 for sale at a reasonable price, most listings I have seen include lenses which push the price too high for me (and are lenses I already have.) Located in the US, Utah if that matters. My sister is coming out in a month to visit me for the first time, and I would love to be able to take photos of her family as a gift to her.
  4. Is this still for sale? I am in the US.
  5. I suppose there is very little chance you would be willing to sell the camera body only...My sensor was damaged so I have been on the lookout for a replacement body but it’s been hard to find that. $1600 is too steep for me unfortunately and I understand you ideally would like to sell the whole package, but if you are willing to consider selling only the body let me know
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