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  1. Hello, my name is Louis and here is my first question on this forum, I am French, forgive my english I have browsed the first 20 pages dedicated to the anamorphic, compared to the release date of the SLR adapter (40 compact 1x33), I have not found an answer. I would like to know if the lens is compatible with this adapter, the front element of the lens is large. May be greater than 40mm suggested. But the front thread is identical to the adapter: 52 mm, good point. Is the front lens of the lens well suited to this adapter? Someone tried it? or just try with the lens on the front big enough and not very small it would be a shame to see that it does not work after the purchase ... I know the M4 / 3 lenses that work very well with the adapter as simple pana 25mm 1.7 or Pana 20mm, thanks to the superb videos of Jurek. Members here have tried the compact adapter (40, 1x33) with the VOIGHTLANDER lens or simply with large lenses in the front lens? There is a list of lenses (MFT) that are perfectly compatible with this adapter? it would bother me a bit to buy another 25mm (knowing that I have a small budget) Thank you
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