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  1. Woahhhh calm the tits people! I just had to create an account for this: i. Here's the thing, everyone's right, frankly, @Arikhan really shouldn't have posted about his achievements when's he's unable to provide any evidence. Personally, I think it is a matter of lack of courtesy (yes, yes, I know he doesn't have any obligation to provide anything) to the community. By that, he's simply not being considerate and thoughtful enough when presenting an unnecessary bold claim, even if it may be of a good will to steer up excitement within the forum. To that end, one cannot fault the expression of disappointment (mostly anger) from the mere mundane lurking on this Earth, only to have such behaviour further encouraged by the Internet when everyone cannot see anyone face-to-face. I mean if everyone can keep their shit (immature/ unconstructive) comments to themselves, all of this tension wouldn't have happened: i. Arikhan did not post until everything is green light; ii. every members took it as a joke and ignore it. However, hey, take that away life would be hella boring hah. ii. Since we're on the topic, apparently there used to be a similar case which did not end pretty. I know unfortunately this is rare, I do hope admin @Andrew Reid can set up a certain guideline on topics regarding claims on hacking breakthroughs, just to maintain the healthy knowledge exchange as this site is known for iii. The MOST IMPORTANT PART of this message: Assuming @Arikhan did manage a hack but got pissed off, nobody's a winner!!!!
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