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  1. I don’t know what happens, but I already tried to contact Rectilux. I must be in April list, but now they just ignore me.
  2. Selling my working setup - Moller 32/2+SLR Magic Rangefinder with all needed clamps and 15mm rod support. Moller 32/2x gives a vintage look with sharp picture. Attachments gives a beautiful soft light streaks. Works with focal length from 85mm (vignette). Ideal for a MFT sensor with aspect ratio of 4x3(50mm lens). Moller 32/2x is in good condition for its age. No heavy scratches on glasses. Picture is clean and sharp. Age marks doesn't affect on image quality. Single focus in perfect condition! Paired with the SLR Magic Rangefinder turns into a full-fledged lens(of course, you need to add taking lens). Single focus brings a little softness in the picture at open aperture, but if you take it down to 2.8 then all back to being sharp. My works with it: Please feel free to ask questions. I worked with it a lot of projects and was really happy! All clamps included! Price 1000$+shipping
  3. Hello! Im looking for Moller 46/2x in good condition
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