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  1. I noticed you are selling your GH5S.  I was interested to know why you are moving on from that camera.  I didn't want to bother you on that thread as you're likely to want to attract buyers there, rather than point out it's flaws!

    1. AaronChicago


      Hey! No worries. So the main reason I got it was to shoot a few projects in lower light with a few anamorphic lenses. Master Anamorphic, and Kowa set. I don't have any more scheduled this year and I'm planning on getting the Blackmagic Pocket 4K. If I had to pick one gripe about the GH5s - it's the codec. It's SO slow on my computer. I have to transcode everything to ProRes, which isn't too bad, but not when I just want to review footage. 

    2. Mmmbeats


      Ah, cool.  I'm thinking of picking one up (new though, and in the UK).

      Glad that's your main gripe though, as I always transcode from native anyways (to CineForm on Windows), so I won't be too affected by that I don't think.  

    3. AaronChicago


      Yeah you're good to go. It's such a huge jump over the GH5 IMO. I'm blown away at the images at 3200 ISO. 


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