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  1. Right now price its $1225, is it high?
  2. lens is on ebay now, starting at 0.99$ - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iscorama-anamorphot-1-5x-36-MC-anamorphic-adapter-isco/254469943305
  3. PRICE: 2400$ OBO - LENS NAME: Iscorama 36MC - STRETCH: 1.5x - FOCUS: Single focus - CONDITION: Super clean body and marks-free front element. Smooth focus (serviced in VanDiemen), cleaning marks and little separation on rear element. Also tiny edge chip on some of inner elements (without affecting image) - PAYMENT METHOD: local sale or paypal (buyer pays paypal fee and shipping) - LOCATION: Los Angeles - SHIPPING: Would prefer local pickup, but also consider shipping - SAMPLE FOOTAGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0NKGxO_f9Q
  4. Lens produces amazing picture, but price is reasonable. There is a tiny chip on inner element (does not affect the picture) and cleaning marks and side separation on rear element (sometimes can give you milky shadows on the very right part of the frame - I attached an example, but it happened to me only two times over two days of testing) That iscorama produces sharp image and hold backlight pretty well. There is no any evidence that inner chip affects picture. I wasnt able to found it. Focus is smooth. Front element is clean and has no cleaning marks. Its not pre-36, but actual 36 version of it, so coverage is really good. In youtube video I added sample of it using nikkor 28mm (its front element is pretty big, so it might clear 28mm lens if front element is small. I would prefer local pickup in Los Angeles - so you may check if you like the lens. All pictures of lens: drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mIsycTl7xzLnl2UsHdi8kC2XwhHNACQo?fbclid=IwAR26SGbx6Ergwe6LyFLhGydnvj32yUoa6aP0L31Lqvd_bxohnbosQJb1yyY I really tried to show all the flaws of lens, so there is no surprises video footage I shot a week ago: youtube.com/watch?v=q0NKGxO_f9Q Feel free to come and test it in echo park LA, I will provide 52mm front thread adapter. Feel free to bring your closeup lenses. PS Price is firm, even pre-36 versions are sold on ebay for $4200 by bidding, and this one is 36MC with better coverage. So I made pretty big discount already. feel free to reach me by email - kurbatovalex on gmail
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