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  1. Hi Alex, The ebay link is in spanish and tell that we have to ask you about the shipping. Will you ship in Switzerland for this lens ? Many thanks, Blaise
  2. Hi guys, Lens scientists in this forum, this one is for you ! I've bought a moller 32/2x recently and I had the bad surprise to find the lense unusuable due to a totally stuck helicoid. I already did a DIY CLA on my Kowa 8Z and it went well. But now, I'm struggling to repair this lens, my moller 32/2x. I've removed the housing to relube the helicoid but found that the two tabs bocking the rotation of the lens didn't fit well in the aluminium core. It was almost impossiple to slid the inner body with the front lens inside the aluminium body with the bac lens because the tabs was too large and did not slide along the body. I removed the tabs to see what was going on with it. I found myself in need to use a flathead screwdriver to remove them becaus it was so tight... after inspection, I decided to file the edges of the tabs and relube the inner body with some silicone grease to be able to slide it as wanted. Everything went well and put back all the elements together. PROBLEM !!!!! I don't really understand the mechanic of the moller as I cannot screw the front ring as wanted... Also, I've a big big problem, during the proces of reassembling the lens, I don't know how, but I 've messed with the alignment of the front and the back element... I don't understand how it's possible as I only have two places to put the tabs back, I did the same as the disassembling of the lens and respected the same process... It would be so nice to have some informations and advices from you to put back all the elements the right way.
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