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  1. old thread, i know ;-) i have got a bolex aspheron 4mm wide angle adapter more or less for free and tried it in front of the bolex moeller 16 x2 anamorphic lens, but couldn´t focus at all... the image is completely unsharp... i tried it on various taking lenses w/o the anamorphic and had the same problem... does anyone know this bolex adapter?
  2. amazing vid especially the close ups!!! i have the same anamorphic lens and i am waiting only for the ordered clamps. is 50mm the widest you can go with the möller? do you know the ishico proscar lens? can get it for cheap but i am not sure if that makes sense...
  3. hey tito, i know your site very well in the meantime. i want to thank you for all the knowledge you have spent for the community ! yes, i meant a DIY clamp, sorry for the confusing. i don´t own a 3d printer, so i think i will go the redstan route. thanks whoisjsd.
  4. I am surprised that i don´t see more Topics about this. I am very new to Anamorphic and now that i have received my Möller 32/2 lens all i need is an Adapter. I read about Vid, Redstan.... and so forth but i find them pretty expensive and also very far away from where i live. Any ideas? Would it be possible to mount the Möller with simple STEPDOWN Rings to my Taking Lens (fe. Canon 50 1,4). Thanks in advance!
  5. thanks guys for responding.i have bought the lens from canada and yeah, it seems he sells a lot of this stuff ;-) fantastic stuff, todd! i would be very interested in the image quality of the lens. in the meantime i bought a möller 32/2x lens for a good price. the lens arrived this week and i am very happy with it. the size is perfect, like an old vintage tele lens. not very heavy. all i need now are the clamps. i am looking for a DIY solution, perhaps i try a 52mm lens hood. so for now the kowa collects dust. hell, i have a gx80 and this thing is double size and weight ;-)
  6. thanks a lot for the info. i keep my eyes open.
  7. thanks whoisjsd! i bought it cheap so i will give it a try. for the rails: https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Universal-Aluminum-Support-Baseplate/dp/B00OFJMKZA/ref=pd_cp_421_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00OFJMKZA&pd_rd_r=DX0TX2HWHXE40EVF3F5A&pd_rd_w=Ylykz&pd_rd_wg=c8Y4G&psc=1&refRID=DX0TX2HWHXE40EVF3F5A would this work?
  8. hey guys! i am new to anamorphic and to this fantastic forum! recently i have bought this huge kowa prominar lens from ebay. didn´t expect that it´s that huge ;-) do you guys know this lens? does this lens include a talking lens which i can unscrew? read this somewhere but have no clue how i should do this?! and could you suggest clamps or preferable a DIY solution to mount this on another lens? sorry for all the noob questions but i hope you can still help me. thank you so much!
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