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  1. Some people seem to be disappointed because there's no mind blowing, stand out upgrade feature. Thrill seekers. If you have a use/need for MFT and have been using a GH5 then this announcement is great news. There are countless things that could be improved to make life better, some that have already been mentioned by others: Dynamic range, bit depth, codecs, data rates, frame rates. If these see improvement I'll be happy. 

  2. I love this camera. I've pretty much forgotten about my FS7. The GH5 is much lower profile, more stealthy, it is weather sealed, the user menu is great, the crop factor is great for shooting wildlife, the Custom settings make switching between UHD 60p and HD 180p instantaneous, something thats a pain on the  FS7, even with the S&Q button.  And with a Ninja you get 4:2:2 10 bit at 60p. Nice.

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