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  1. On 4/30/2017 at 3:13 PM, ReinisK said:

    I was thinking about moving to Resolve, some time ago, but it didn't have some of the features I needed for editing. Premiere is unstable sometimes, but Resolve just didn't offer the features. I'm intereseted if it does now. I'd really appreciate if someone could give ma an answer about these things:


    1. Does Resolve have decent audio features like compressor, limiter, expander?

    2. Does Resolve have saveable presets of effects, which can be dropped on clips anytime?

    3. Customizable keyboard shortcuts?

    4. Customizable window layout?

    5. Maybe keyboard shortcuts for applying effects or effect presets? (Premiere doesn't have this afaik, would be a very welcome feature for me)

    1: yes

    2: not shore

    3: yes, even s predifined set for premier pro users ( wher features overlap) 

    4: to some extent

    5: not shore

  2. On 4/28/2017 at 8:41 PM, Dude_ger said:

    Tried the new 14 today.. Got no Audio on the tracks. Anybody else? It s on the clip, but no signal...

    4k Playback lacks more than on Premiere (same system). What i still miss (maybe someone knows better), is fullscreen videoplayback on a second monitor. If this won t be able without buying a BM Card, Davinci will be completely useless. Now that the studio version is that cheap, not only full hardware equipped people will buy it and it would not make any sense to me not adding 2nd monitor fullscreen.

    A lot has happened since April, give beta8  8 a try, lots ov audio bugs h@ve been fixed, and support for lpcm audio has been added, so that allso solves a few audio issues (like no audio on source clips)

  3. On 4/28/2017 at 11:09 AM, dbp said:

    I got another reason to dump Adobe.

    There's a bug in the newest version where it'll delete all of your media files on the drive with the media cache folder. Happened to me on one drive. Assumed the drive was going bad, so I brought a new one. Moved the media cache folder to a different drive, and it happened on that one! Folder structure stays intact but files get deleted. Lots 2+ TB of data in both cases.

    Luckily I was able to get it all back with recovery software, but the time it takes to transfer/format etc....  I mean, good god. 


    Wow that is bad. An nle that decides to delete filse it has not created it self, what is Adobe doing? Sorry if this adds little/nothing to the discusion, but I felt the quesrion had to be askex

  4. On 4/28/2017 at 2:08 AM, andrgl said:


    If only there were tools good enough to rival Photoshop and After Effects, Adobe still has a stranglehold on 2D compositing.

    Ok phoroshop his still a hole in BMDs armor ( bur who knows what the future will bring on tha front). As for an after effects replacement, have a look at BMDs Fusion, it us node vased as is Resoles grading, so kerp that in mind.

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