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  1. Thank you. I made this hand shooting just for recording this test. Usually I use Zhiyun Crane M but it doesn't affect - the AF problem is the same as with hand shooting. So you mentioned my worst fear - hardware issue. The problem is that I'm in 3-weeks vacation now, so when I will come back home and go to store where I bought my camera the period for returning will be expired. Just warranty repair. Damn:(
  2. Hi guys. Few days ago I've purchased RX100 V but very disappointed with continuous AF for video. I don't know what's going on and what the video reviews are taking about, but in my case AF is much much slower and inaccurate comparing with my previous IV. Here is the video describing the problem. http://youtu.be/LvgK2UbJ7mY Few words: I've tried to switch different Focus Area modes, all shooting settings, resolutions, color profiles, FPS and tried different lighting situations - all that didn't affect, the result is the same: the AF is too slow and almost 50% of my shots are out of focus. The AF drive speed is Fast and Track - High. The most weird thing that when I switch the AF speed to slow, the difference between High is very light. Focus tracking of close objects is a total disaster. But even with static objects and without camera movement the finding of the focus often takes 5-7 seconds. Sometimes the camera even doesn't start to find the focus keeping the object entirely blurred, then I need to turn the camera out from the object and then turn back again - usually it works, but it's not what I've expected from the $1k camera with so much great feedbacks. For this particular example in the link I used the next settings: XAVC-S/ 1920p / 25fps Shooting mode: program Aperture priority C-AF Focus Area: Center Af Illiminator: Auto Af drive speed: Fast Af Trask Sensitivity: High What I'm doing wrong guys?
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