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  1. Hello EOSHD community. First time contributor. I was recommended to ask for advice here by a trusty friend I need advice/information on the current state of Nikon S35 cameras in terms of video quality (D3,5,7x00 lines) Like most of the world I was introduced to Nikon video with Andrew's D5200 review, where he put it vs the 5D3 and gave us this gem that was at the time one of the first large chip HD cameras that fixed aliasing and moire issues after the 5D3 (the GH3 then had "sharper" image but still aliased) I bought that camera and still use it as my main shooter, and actually built quite a good rig around it. Now the problem is the D5200 has horrible banding issues in the shadows and at higher ISOs, which is the only area the D5200 was a downgrade vs the t3i I came from. I shot on the D5300 and Nikon gladly fixed that issue and still maintained all great sampling of the older Toshiba Chip in the D5200. I also briefly shot the D3300 and it's identical to the D5300 image-wise. Now I want to upgrade just due to the banding issue and high ISO performance. In my local community the only two available models I can afford are the D3300/3400 and D5300. They all fix my issues but I heard Nikon Flat picture profile is one of the best LOG implementations there is, being just a light LOG curve to cram 12 stops of DR and no extremes) So the D3400 does have the new Flat video profile, but the slightly more expensive D5300 doesn't. I haven't really kept track of Nikon image quality over these models so I need advice whether the new Flat profile is a strong improvement that deserves dumping the tilty screen of the D5300. I LOVE Nikon images. I am not switching to any other system with a smaller chip. The video just looks lovely SOOC. I have downloaded some Flat MOV. Files off the D750. The image is identical to the D5300 in my NLE in terms of detail and colour (all great) but flat and makes grading a but more enjoyable. Still can't decide. I want a Nikon upgrade so would you go for a D3400 with Flat or the D5300 with the tilty LCD, mic input, better built? Has anyone used Nikon Flat or can give some insight that would help? I currently have a caged D5200, a Rode shotgun feeding into a Zoom H1 (both on top side by side with the top handle in between) on a small Manffrotto fluid head, 50mm f/1.4 Ai-s, 50mm f/1.8 D, 35mm f/1.8 G, 18-105mm (for IS and 18mm f/3.5), 55-300mm VR, small Chinese shoulder rig and LCD EVF. I like to keep thing small (I am a female), very cheap, yet deliver highest quality video possible for my own work and ocassional pro client work (weddings and music videos, both really admire shallow DOF and 60p) Thanks EOSHD.
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