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  1. When i did the shots ML raw @10 bit - 12 bit had not been released yet... and yes i think it's closed to 1080p, as you said probably 2.35 ratio. I have not tested it yet... Yeah BMCC 4K or 5D3 with ML would be a good choice for shooting in raw. BMPCC wouldn't be my choice due to the important crop factor and i've saw some tests on it that mentionned the dynamic range in raw is not as wide as Black Magic claims. Thanks mercer for your advices.
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum (first post) and beginner filmaker and I will need advice ... Last June I started shooting for my documentary project on the local natural heritage, for now with my own money, so my gear is rather light... I'm shooting with a Canon Eos 70D DSLR, outdoor, and i'm shooting the natural spaces of a valley (along a river). At the start I wanted to film in RAW with Magic Lantern, but with my 70D i'm stuck in 720p (for a continuous recording), so finally i've shot in a compressed way, Mpeg-4 All-I 8bit 4:2:0 @1080p 29.97fps with a picture style (EOSHD C-LOG (0,-4
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