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  1. Thanks. We should be releasing a trailer in the next month or so. We are about 60 percent done editing. Had to grab some pick up scenes. For lenses, I like using older ones for NX1. I shot at 2-2.8 split. This camera has some really deep inky blacks, which I love, but using older lenses lowers the contrast, which gives me an extra half to 3/4 stop when used in conjunction with filters. Generally I expose for mood. I use white pro mist/soft fx filters, fog/haze, nets to roll off harsh highlights or under expose to protect important highlights or just look in another direction to avoi
  2. We actually just wrapped principal photography, so it will be some time before footage will be available.
  3. I've had the NX1 for about 6 mos or so. The images it produces has become one of my favorite. Mostly shot on Nikkors Ais and Rokinons. Gamma: Normal, -3 Contrast, -2 Sat, -10 Sharpness, 16-235 for some and 0-255 for others.
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