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  1. So with the upcoming solar eclipse I learned that you need a solar lens filter to safely take pictures of the sun with your camera. However, this was never mentioned in sunrise/sunset photography guides so I was just wondering if solar lens filters are still needed, and if not, then what makes it different from solar photography. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist said:

    Look into the lens when it is mounted on the speedbooster and GH5, open and close the Aperture. If you see that it is not stopped down a bit when you have it at the lowest value, then you get the extra light boost but the metabones fails to covert 1,4 to whatever it may be on a speed booster XL. 

    My Canon lenses register "correctly" with the converted F-stop, my sigma does not. 

    The lens acts as a 22 mm on the speedbooster so FF equivalent is 44

    So I looked into the lens and played with the Aperture, when I stop down to 1.4, the Aperture is completely wide open. 

    I think my biggest concern is that I can hear a sound and see each individual light shift when stopping down from 16 to 1.4, but if I try to stop down one more time at 1.4, there is no visible light change or sound, if I am entering f/0.95 but the camera is not registering it, shouldn't there be another sound and visible light change? 

  3. 2 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Metabones have recently(-ish) upgraded the firmware.

    Says it has 'detailed EXIF' so that suggests if you take a still it should show you in the EXIF what the aperture was.


    So I took the still and checked and it does indeed say 1.4, an interesting thing I found though was there was a "Focal length" listed as 22mm and a "35mm focal length" listed at 44mm, not too sure why there were too but my focal length is 44.8mm (35mm x 1.28 crop)

  4. 5 hours ago, jonpais said:

    It may be that the GH5 is unable to register .95 or whatever in the EVF (same as other G and GH cameras I've owned) but for sure the lens is faster with the XL, and your metering should work correctly as well. Hope that helps.

    I am not too sure by what you mean by "unable to register". Are you saying it is going over 1.4 but just displaying it as 1.4? Because there is a distinct noise and shift in light when I change the aperture, this suddenly stops when I hit 1.4 so I am sure my camera is unable to go any higher. Also the lowest aperture my camera displays is still 16 so I don't think it's doing anything funny with the numbers either. 

  5. The aperture seems to only go as far as 1.4, but with the speedbooster xl, this should be larger by 1.3 stops. I checked the metabones website and the lens was not listed in their compatibility list, but they did mention that their speedbooster should work with most ef lenses. Does anyone know if the speedbooster just doesn't work with the sigma 35 or if there is something wrong with my speedbooster?

  6. Both of these monitors are roughly the same price, and have pretty much the same specs in terms of color accuracy for video editing, both are QHD 27" with 100% sRGB with 1.07 billion colors. However the PD is advertised as a creative monitor with accurate colors and 10-bit color depth while the other is not. The only difference in specs that I can see that would have a minor impact (if any) on my video editing is response time, which the cheaper GW has 4ms while the PD has a longer 12ms. So I'm just wondering why the PD is considered as a creative monitor while the GW is not, and which one is better for video editing. I'm open to other suggestions too if they are the same price or less. I am also planning on using iDisplay Pro to color calibrate the monitors out of the box, so their out of the color calibration isn't really an issue for me.

  7. 21 hours ago, funkyou86 said:

    If you export the sequence from premiere, does it behave the same? The only thing which comes in my mind is to clear all cache, restart computer and try again. 

    Yes, and I just tried clearing all cache and restarting but unfortunately that did not work either. 

    Oh well, this has been the only project where I have encountered this problem and hopefully it stays that way. Thanks to everyone for trying to help :)

  8. 4 minutes ago, funkyou86 said:

    Still, it has something to do with the Lumetri panel. Are you using heavy grade?

    Not to my knowledge, and I tried exporting with "Global fx mute" which is supposed to mute all effects including lumetri and I still got the problem. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Orangenz said:

    Trying to find out how many screens.. 

    Can you go into the effects panel and make sure that nenoiser is at the very top of the effects list, ie. above lumetri

    2 screens.

    and no my denoiser was at the bottom, but I have just moved them to the top

  10. Just now, Orangenz said:

    Video card memory? What plugins are you using on this specific project? Screens and resolution of project?

    3.5gb video card memory, for this specific project I used Red Giant's DeNoiser III and Universe. Project is 1080p at 29.97 fps filmed with canon 70D and t7i. 

  11. 11 hours ago, OliKMIA said:

    The errors happens "around timecode 1:22:04

    You could try to nest this sequence or render the clip at this time and insert the rendered clip back it in your timeline

    Also, during export, pick QUEUE, then you can choose to render using CPU or GPU. Sometime using CPU fixes the problem (but it will take more time to render)

    5 hours ago, Justin Bacle said:

    Hi had this one recently, this is a "cuda - GPU out of memory error". 
    You should close your other programs (even your web browser and such as they use Video Ram) and restart premiere and start rendering
    I recommend using AME "alone" to render it as there will be more ram available as premiere will be openned "headless" if oppened by AME for rendering.

    If you're stuck, render with GPU only (but restart Premiere before rendering as switching from GPU to CPU might not empty ram)

    I have quite some problems with recent versions of Pr/Ae as my GPU is quite old now. The latest Cuda core takes waaay more gpu ram and GPUs under 2Gig of ram struggle :s

    Let us know if you have any success ;)

    I have already tried these two suggestions and unfortunately they have not worked for me :(


    6 hours ago, jcs said:

    @A Furry Peanut try disabling the Lumetri effect, which is where the error is reportedly happening. If that fixes the issue, recreate the Lumetri settings, one at a time until you find what is causing the error.

    I have too many clips with lumetri so instead I used "Global fx mute" and even with all the effects turned off, I still got the same error. Although in hindsight I do believe that rendering in a different format then converting to mp4 is more efficient then going through every clip with lumetri and disabling/enabling to see where the problem lies haha.

  12. Does anyone know why this is happening? I have tried:

    - deleting and undeleting the clips from my timeline 

    - copying and pasting onto new sequence

    - copying and pasting onto new project

    - renaming my premiere pro file

    - saving premiere pro to a different location (desktop) with different name then exporting to a different location, 

    - change the renderer in AME from GPU Acceleration to Software Only

    - exporting directly from premiere pro instead of AME

    All the above methods did not work, the only solution I have found was exporting in a different format then converting it to mp4 however I was wondering if there was another way around this. I also noticed that whenever I try to export the "Around timecode" and "Rendering at offset" in the error message would be different but the "Error code" would always be -1609629695 



  13. 18 hours ago, Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist said:

    What do you mean by "giving the IBIS a little headroom to operate"? Have people actually gotten entire stripes of black with APS-C and the XL, or is this what you think would happen? This was new to me. 

    From what I have seen (there are Youtube videos of this), the xl and sigma 18-35mm experience vignetting around the 18-20mm, I'm guessing this is because the sigma 18-35mm is for aps-c and the xl is for full frame hence the vignetting. 

    On 6/3/2017 at 11:52 PM, Orangenz said:

    I don't have a metabones but they say

    which means you should find the lenses you're thinking about first, then the adaptor to fit. Are there aps-c / DX lenses you really want to use? Or is there a list of just FF lenses you're thinking about.

    I don't really have any particular lens that I want to use

  14. I've looked everywhere online and so far all I got was XL for full frame lenses and Ultra for Full Frame and APS-C lenses which is a good start I guess. As someone who really likes having a lot light to work with (even if it may not be "used" I like to know it's there), is it worth to step down to the ultra for the extra selection of lenses? Everyone on YouTube seems to lean towards the XL on the GH5 while on the forums everyone seems to lean towards the Ultra. Some insight would be greatly appreciated. :)

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