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  1. I just swapped my A7S2 for a FS700R actually so I'm stuck with this for a little while. Ill probably get a regular A7Si as I have a external recorder now so can use 4K if i wanted to. Not sure if the 1st model has slog3 or not which would be nice. Ill defiantly go down the neat video route, would the workflow be better to apply LUT prior to neat video or before? If I shot for example in CINE1 and used my shogun, it seems to be recording fine? But am i loosing out on something and not getting 10 bit or higher? Im a tad lost on the matter.
  2. As far as I was aware, in order to shoot RAW from the fs700 to a ex rec like a shogun flame that I have you have to have Slog2 selected. However I've just done a test shot in PP2 that i set to CINE1 and it records? Still says SDI RAW PRORES HQ on the screen and this is 4096x2160 so I presume its recording fine?
  3. Thanks for your reply - any clues on what PP to use? I just tried this and the noise looks about the same as slog2 Gamma: Cine1 Black level: 0 Black Gamma: Middle, 0 Knee: 90, Slope: +2 Color Mode: Pro, Level: 8 Color Level: 0 to -2. I might switch it back to 0 as it's pretty desaturated already. Detail: -4 The rest is default At a bit of a loss on what to do
  4. My other question would be that I thought it was only possible to shoot RAW with the FS700 if your in SLOG? What would happen if you shoot in another picture profile that isn't a log profile? Daft question possibly but I'm a bit non clued up. Thanks for the advice.
  5. I think i know the reason why to be honest, the FS7, F5, 700 etc are all cinema start line units, they need not be great in low light as they are meant to be used effectively with adequate lighting on a set (this is my view) The DSLR's always are going to be better or designed for low light capability better as they are single units designed to be taken around and used in multiple scenarios. Even a old 5D MK2 is way better in low light than the fs700.
  6. Found his. """"Indoors / low light Gamma: Cine1 Black level: 0 Black Gamma: Middle, 0 Knee: 90, Slope: +2 Color Mode: Pro, Level: 8 Color Level: 0 to -2. I might switch it back to 0 as it's pretty desaturated already. Detail: -4 The rest is default Outdoors / high contrast Gamma: Cine 4 Black Level: +4 Black Gamma: Middle, +4 Knee: 90, Slope: +2 Color Mode: Pro, Level 8 Color Level: -2 Detail: -4 The rest is default. At first I, loved how Cinegamma 1 sees into the shadows and was my favorite PP as it has this old school look. I didn't like the default values for Cinegamma 4 because it was more contrasty and over-saturated. With my tweaks above, the shadow detail seems a bit better and it looks kind of like Cinegamma 1, but with better highlights. After a tons of pixel peeping tests though, Cinegamma 1 is much better than Cinegamma 4 in low light because there is way less blocking in the shadows. I really wanted to like Cinegamma 3 after reading Art Adams article on Dynamic Range because Cine 3 has 12 useable stops (the most in the FS700). Cine 3 seems like it's somewhere between Cine 1 (great shadow details) and Cine 4 (great highlights), but I could not get it to where I liked the look. The blacks never felt right, but on paper Cinegamma 3 has the most DR. http://provideocoalition.com/aadams/story/cameras_sony_fs700_dynamic_range_presentation/ Anyways, what Profiles do you guys like?""""" This was a post on another forum from a chap, any views on the profiles above? Thx guys
  7. Haha! I actually found someone who wanted to swap his FS700R for my A7S2 so I didn't pay a penny, was just a straight swap. What profile should I shoot in for low light? Cine 4? And for slow motion you recommend not shooting slog profiles? Any reason why? Just interested in the tech reason behind it if you know. Thanks for the help all.
  8. Would you say ETTR and even though my zebra's say its over to shoot it like that then bring the highlights down in resolve? Rather than pushing the the blacks up, saying this to be honest makes more sense as you can always take away light but never make light.
  9. Im actually going to grab neat video, when i was on my 7S2 i never really needed it but ill defiantly put it into my workflow. Yeah to be honest I was actually shooting at 1.8/2.2 for most of it I just remembered. As i said above, theres only so high you can go and reduce your dof, was difficult keeping subjects in focus to be honest. One thing that is a little disappointing (coming from a 7s2 background) is that 4000 ISO is seemingly too high and will push noise, I was shooting in clubs before at 15K with none haha oh can never be perfect lets be honest.
  10. Thanks for your reply - was thinking down the same road, but the only issue is that there is only so far you can push the exposure up, the DOF just gets too shallow and its difficult to keep subjects in focus, keeping to have racking focus and tweak it constantly. This camera is gorgeous outside, absolutely great with the build in ND theres never a issue but its no A7S indoors sadly.
  11. Hi guys, Recent convert from a 7S2 to a FS700, but Im having some regrets... As far as Ive understood the FS700 claims to have good low light capability, from what I can see (maybe I'm doing something wrong) but its just horrific when its under low light, there is noise all over the blacks, fine in daylight. Im shooting in SLOG2 as most would, setup on my shogun flame to record 3GSDI Signal in 4K, and also Ive done shots in 1080 @60fps & 120fps, of course I know the higher the frame rate = doubling shutter, so thats a given, but even in 4K 24fps / 48 on the shutter the noise is just horrific, even when graded lightly to push more black in you can still see the noise. I tried 2000ISO also and its just a little too dark for somewhere 'with low light', but even so it shouldn't produce noise at 4000. Ive attached a little clip of what I mean of a shot from last night, one clip is graded slightly, then the other ungraded and you can see as there is light on his body, its no noise, the moment the light goes away it ripples with noise all over? Any reason why? Was shot at 4000ISO I believe, and at somewhere around 2.8-5.6 stop Outdoors and with lots of light, no noise and its fine, but the moment you go under a dark setting its just un-usable. Anything you can point me towards that may help - I'm at a loss.... Anyone can run me through some setup steps with the fS700 & shogun flame one or the other to help me decipher this issue, not sure if I'm missing something obvious. thx
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