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  1. Hey you wouldn't by any chance be interested in a G85+ cash trade?
  2. WTB Metabones speed booster ultra canon to MFT Based in UK, looking to spend 415£
  3. do you have a metabones?
  4. Hey, which 12-35mm lens would you reccomend I get? I have a G80 + kit lens + 25mm f1.7 at present. Feel like the kit lens is holding me back and the 25mm is slow to autofocus and obviously limited. I want to get the 12-35mm.. I've heard according to youtube the mark 2 is slower to autofocus but mark 1 has weird apperature flicker when zooming. Any advice please? Cant find any online.
  5. Hey, I have a few charity projects I'm involved with in regards to videography. As you can imagine, gathering interest is quite slow through word, mouth, facebook & text. I thought of the idea of trying to utilise video and video edits to catch people's interests and highlight the importance of such causes. I know its been done before and we've all seen those TV ads.. but I'm looking to try and shoot some stuff artistically and frame people who take part in a positive artsy light. I was wondering how would you go about trying to shoot say water dripping off of something? I've already bought a G80 for a decent price (670 on john lewis new with kit lens if anyones interested!)
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