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  1. Joining the club - if anyone is selling their Bolex 16/32/1.5x, lemme know. Feel free to message me on twitter/email as I'm not often on here: @LewisFarleyFilm / film@lewisfarley.com
  2. I was really hoping I'd be able to figure this out myself (I didn't want to be the guy posting this thread) but I'm really struggling to get my head around shooting anamorphic after spending most of the day reading articles/forums but mostly what I would need to get started and what would be viable with the Sony FS5. I'm looking for something to get me started, ideally below £600. I'm not sure on how wide my options are with this budget but anything to get me started is greatly appreciated, I'm planning on using this gear for a while, learning a little more about anamorphic and then hopefully investing more in the near future. Thanks in advance!
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