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  1. Thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated! I removed the rear element and it appears the marking is deeper within the lens. I was planning on using this with a smaller sensor camera and imagined the Iscomorphot as a practical solution compared to some of the other exotic anamorphics out there. I prefer the more modest 1.5x crop and single focus...any other suggestions? Perhaps I'll need to bite the bullet and get a 2x with a Rectilux
  2. Hi everybody! I've been following this forum for years and have learned so much from all the collective expertise shared here. This is my first time posting and I'm hoping to get some expert advice on what to do. I've been researching anamorphics heavily over the past couple of months (thank you Tito Ferradans, Tony Wilson et al!) and recently acquired an Iscomorphot 8/1.5x from eBay that looks like this one: The listing said it was in good working condition but upon arrival there are a few things up with it: It's making faint clinking noises like something is loose inside Focus is quite stiff There's some kind of a marking inside that I'm unsure as to what it could be--scratch from disassembly/fungus? (see attached pictures) I brought it into Nippon Photo Clinic today (I'm based in NYC) which contrary to what Wikipedia says, does NOT service Iscos anymore. They don't know what to do with it and suggested it may or may not have fungus inside. I have two weeks to decide what to do with it as eBay has buyer protection; I can work with it or send it back for a refund. I got somewhat of a deal on it compared to what other Iscomorphots are going for now on eBay so I'm hoping to hang on to it/find a way to bring it into tip-top shape. That said, if what I'm seeing are bad signs then I'll be sending it back. What do you guys think? Are these quirks par-for-the-course with old anamorphics and if not, is it worth trying to salvage without spending an arm and a leg? Much thanks!
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