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  1. I wanted to buy a cage for my Samsung NX1 long time ago, but the price used to be over USD$300 for all different options in the market. Today i just realized that the Varavon Armor II Standard Cage was only USD$50. Coudn't skip the chance Here is the link for the cage. I hope you will find usefull ARMOR II - NX1 STANDARD CAGE (50 bucks) https://varavon.com/collections/hot-deal-zone/products/armor-nx1?variant=1176714847 ARMOR II - NX1 PRO CAGE (60 bucks) https://varavon.com/collections/hot-deal-zone/products/armor-ii-nx1-pro-cage?variant=4096862915 PS: Sorry about my english. I speak spanish.
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