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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry for the late reply. The Project includes attaching a lightweight metal detector, onto a drone and then using the gimbal to auto-correct the position of the metal detector. The weight of the metal detector boom < 0.5kg, however, the inertial moment is a lot higher than a camera. After some research, the SimpleBGC GUI software with a 32-bit board seems like the best option. However, I bought the Feiyu Mg-Lite, which is not compatible with the software, and its software interface is severely lacking. For my thesis, it would be best to have motor response graphs and settling times etc. Atm, I am currently looking into hacking into the Feiyu Motors and encoders. If anyone has any experience with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Yeh sorry if this topic is unrelated. Do you have any knowledge when it comes to gimbal control systems?
  3. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has tried hacking into a gimbal and creating their own unique PID control system. If so, what gimbals are hackable/ best for hacking. I am looking for a 300--800 price rance, that can carry at least 2.2kg
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