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  1. biometar is nice but sharpness isn't top notch! lenses with small front element diameter are best for anamorphic use. its the reason everybody use helios 44s , j9 , etc. etc.
  2. item: Sankor 16C (black) condition: near mint + original bag and box and caps price: 300$ pics:
  3. Hello, I can offer a mint Sankor 16C black with original case and box
  4. this lens is basically new. i just open the box and mount the lens once and put it back to box. price: 400$+shipping (b&h listed this for 800$)
  5. yep, they are still available for sale. and price is negotiable
  6. price is negotiable if anyone interested in buying them instead of trade with other stuff.
  7. Hello, as you can see in the attachments i'm selling two "Henri Chrétien S.T.O.P. Hypergonar HI-FI-2". one of them a bit more worn-down and have tiny bit of shattering in the corner and a it stiffer focus ring but both optically clean and without any scratch or dust or fungus. Price: 500$ + shipping for both of them (also i'm waling to trade with any photographic related item) Shipping: wordwide
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