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  1. If someone is still interested https://www.ebay.com/itm/322355852614 Rare-Bolex-Anamorphic-16-32-1-5x-w-H16-RX-Ring and case Moller System thank tou all and feel free to ask questions some extra photos just to show how clear the lens as I did stupid mistake and copy paste an old ad someone posted on ebay and didn't check it very well happy bidding and thank you all for your help
  2. Well guys the lens is on ebay happy bidding
  3. Great, that is good to hear (I took it from a laboratory in a university I visited that was close down since the prof. died and they wanted to throw it to the bin ....Just because "it is an old lens that nobody will use" and nobody used since the 70's..." ) As an amateur photographer I had good filling about it ... what do you think about the rest of the kit does it worth much? Yes this are wet wipes, BUT, HALL NO!!!, I didn't use them to clean the lens it belongs to my baby girlshe is 1 years old and we have them everywhere around the house thanks to my wife .. LOL
  4. Hi guys I Have one of this lens for sale, I am from Israel, How much would you guys offer for it with the original case and H16-Rx ring (see attached photos), I don't understand much about this lens, but it seams like it worth fortune as it was sold for 1350-1600 USD in the past few months, I also have the kit which includes a handle with a remote and some kind of front hood for the camera... if anyone interested let me know all the best O
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