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  1. It is double focus. Too bad theres no single focus attachment for it. Oh well. Still really nice. I can go as wide as 35mm on full frame
  2. I am 3d printing out sizer rings for it so i can mount it to my rails. cant wait to see how it performs, especially at the corners! The flares that I got with it from hand holding were the best I have ever seen.
  3. I made a purchase on Ebay recently for an anamorphic lens. This is the one I purchased. It's the exact same version as THIS lens: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ISCO-Anamorphic-Video-Attachment-III-IIIL-1-33x-Lens-3-Widescreen-w-CineSlide-/182674289586?hash=item2a883c73b2:g:Bb8AAOSw9N1VkDQo I bought it for 1500$. I need to know a bit more about it. I can't find all that much info on it. The best I can tell, its the iscorama 1.33x MkII or III, and that it is a single focus anamorphic. Its rear filter thread is 112mm in size, and the front size is MASSIVE. I got it so i can use i
  4. So much to learn. I did not know about this pupil thingy but I had my beliefs that the wider the front element the more the vertical hazing.
  5. Off Topic but while you're here, Tito, your vids are awesome, but seriously get a lav mic. The audio in your videos is awful mate.
  6. Its not about the max aperature. its about stopping down. higher aperture lenses tend to be sharper at comparable F-stops to other, less light sensitive lenses. Also, besides the aforementioned issues, my zeiss 50mm was suitably sharp for me all the way open at f1.8 with no vertical hazing.
  7. Hey everybody. Haven't been on here in a while since I can't remember my old login credentials (People may remember me as Danson Delta-40). At any, I have a favor to ask. I need a specific taking lens that fits a whole bunch of criteria. Here's the rundown: The FM Module creates a vertical "hazing" with certain lenses. I need a lens that does not do this. 50mm-85mm f1.8 Can fit on my canon 7D with EF adapter. Have LOW barrel distortion Adapter CAN'T have its own lens for allowing infinity focus. I have gone through three lenses thus far, and
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