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  1. Hello. Deciding to purge my beloved Samsung NX1 + Everything I bought for it. List of of stuff for sale with individual prices NX1 Body - $900 w/ Grip + 4 Batteries 16-50S - $900 30 f/2 - $180 Also included if body/whole kit is purchased 72mm UV filter 72mm variable ND 72mm Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3. I say condition is 8.9/10 overall. There are some scuffs on the 16-50S (see pictures) and some minor wear marks on the body (nothing huge or worth noting). I bought this used from B&H less than a year ago with a condition of 10. Comes with original box + mostly everything that came with it (cases, plastic wraps etc etc). I will take priority in someone that wants to buy everything vs individual pieces! If enough people express interest for each part then I will consider selling separately. Discount if local or if buying the whole kit! I have feedback on reddit/hardwareswap Prices include shipping, Paypal/CONUS only! Shipping from San Diego, CA Pictures/Timestamps: http://imgur.com/a/vfCrd (pictures taken 11/12/16) If there are any questions please let me know! Thanks guys! _Gaius
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