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  1. I am a teacher of film making and I have just founded my own production company. I know now a lot about film. A,in but it a great deal about camera lens. I have just bought a Sony A7Sii, all of my sound equipment and rigs etc and now just need to buy Lenss. I have watched every review and tutorial video there is, and have got a great deal of conflicting information based on preference and opinion. I would really appreciate someone to definitively tell me based on their experience what would be best for me to us. I intend to film weddings, company promotional films, music videos and short films. I need to be able to shoot fast at weddings and events and shoot is relatively low light settings. My camera has 5 axis image stabilisation built in, it has unreal low light capabilities and is full frame sensor. I want to utilise the full frame as much as possible. I do not want to have to adapt any lenses. I intend to use mainly manual focus. Can anyone tell me if I can professionally use older manual lens with this camera without any lens image stabilisation and will the 5 axis IS eve. It out anyway? Should I buy electronic lens or would I be fine with vintage manual ones? I have a budget of around £700 for lens and know I can get a really good collection of Sigma E mount and So y E mount ones. Could I do everything I wanted to do with an 18-35mm zoom and then a 50mm prime. Maybe then a larger 135mm prime too? can anyone advise? thanks Phillip
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