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  1. HI folks, I have decided to reduce the price for the Tokina Achromat to 250 Euros, shipping included... Cheers Ralf
  2. Hi friends, I am finally selling my Tokina ATX MC Achromat 0.4 close-up lens. I had used it on my Iscorama Cinegon, but as the Cinegon has been sold half a year ago it´s time for the Tokina to go as well. This is the original highly sought-after 0.4 Achromat - a perfect match for the Iscorama 36 or the Iscorama Cinegon. Its is in wonderful condition and comes with the original pouch. The Achromat reduces the close up distance for the Iscorama 36 or the Cinegon from 2 meters to about 1 meter - and it sharpens up the Iscorama in the process quite a bit! :-) The last one I saw on ebay was s
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