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  1. I have 1DXII and SmallHD 501 but for handheld work it's just Zacuto Enforcer and Zacuto Z-Finder. I mapped one of the front buttons (near the lens) on camera for AF on/off and that's it. DPAF is absolutely fantastic and it almost never failed me. Amongst other stuff I have XC10 and 80D. Will probably sell 80D and buy 5DIV for Movi as 1DXII is a bit heavy. Cheers
  2. This will work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SMALLRIG-VersaFrame-Cage-Large-for-Canon-EOS-1DC-Canon-1DX-Nikon-D3X-D3S-1750-/252380527809 It works for 1DXII. Regarding monitor, I have SmallHD 501 but I guess SmallHD Focus would be better as it's much brighter.
  3. I'm interested. I've sent you private message with my email address. Thanks!
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