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  1. that should be possible, but the max bitrate will take a hit
  2. Thank you for the explanation, however, I do not think it applies here. There is no indication for difference in performance. NX1 and NX500 can handle up to the same amount of increased bitrate for the encoder. When I said same PPUs/OPUs etc (some of which handle image-resizing) - I am under the impression those are programmable hardware units. In particular resizing/re-sampling is set by a few registers which set the parameters for (I think it was PPU1 that handled resizing?), and the only block that is preventing NX500 of having non-crop 4K is control of those registers (which was not successful for now), but we can dump them quite easily. So... if there were disabled processing cores, we would have noticed right away
  3. Yes.. you are right. =/ I thought that info would be available, but I've never looked too much into the lens control as I use manual lenses almost all the time. Unless someone smarter than I, figures out how to get the focus position translated to distance, there isn't much that can be done: lensproperty.focus_position - with relation the to mm lens (zoom level)
  4. Which parts are disabled? They both have same PPUs, OPUs, etc. NX1 has more memory, better WiFi, etc, but the processors are the same. better yet - consider the max possible bitrate for both cameras - both top at the same bitrates, which should give you clear indication that the computational power is identical. of course they will have to say it's slower processor, to have better product separation considering the price difference, but even Samsung management would not have put more money for redesign to create a slower processor, at the same production price.
  5. you mean give you the depth of field? - it should be possible good idea - when I get some spare time, I'll look into it NX1 and NX500 encoders are identical. what gets fed into the encoders is slightly different (in layman's terms - nx500's encoder gets a crop of 4k, nx1 gets to downsize the frame before feeding if for the encoder as input) We are way pass the bitrate "profile" which Samsung has licensed, so you may be onto something there If you use modded versions allowing higher bitrates, you may be using it without a proper license keep in mind with the mods, you can do 400mbps 4K HEVC if you timelapse
  6. fyi, both have the same processor. NX500 was/is just crippled, however the crop is controlled by the PPUs which were not able to modify. There are specific registers, which control how they process cropping/resampling, etc, however as soon as we touch those in memory, the thing crashes. re the mbps - of course those are "the same", this is just the bitrate for encoding of the file, which already gets the copped/resampled image from the PPU.
  7. Are you sure the frame-rate is the problem? st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT The possible settings are: 576P / 720P / 1080I / UD / UD_4K I know in the menu for HDMI out it says 1080p, but I don't see it in the settings.
  8. If your player gives you an option to choose resizing algorithm, try "lanczos", but I really don't see "sharpening" as an issue. re original issue: Destroying the footage with "softening" just to look good when you playback 4K on 1080p (when your player uses poor resizing algorithm) does not make sense.
  9. Try lowering the contrast too, but at -10 I can't see any USM sharpening on the 4K/UHD don't judge it on the camera screen, nor on your monitor unless you are looking at it full size on a 4K monitor. Zoom to 100% and then check if it's too sharp, as resizing of the preview will make impossible to pass judgement on that. If you are using Premiere for export to lower resolution, make sure you check the option that makes high-quality resize.
  10. The project is created by mewlips: https://mewlips.github.io/nx-remote-controller-mod/ After you start it (check-ON in the menu), you will see the camera's IP. Just enter it in a browser (can be your phone), and you get full control. You can set your phone as a hotspot, and connect your camera directly (you can use this if there's no WiFi around). To stop it - uncheck it from the menu. (you don't need the Telnet/Ftp activated for it to work)
  11. Sharpness: -10 Contrast: -5 I have never seen any problem with 4K and UHD. With 1080p, you can try mounting the resolution on 4K or UHD (depending what FPS you need), and see if that helps. ex: nx-ks menu > Custom Func. > Mod Resolutions > UHD as 1080p
  12. Just checked some clips from yesterday, they are 180Mbps, so here it works fine. What does "current bitrate" from the menu tells you? No one has reported problems with bitrates for at least 2-3 months, so my guess is it has something to do with your "other" mod. edit: NX-KS does not really modify the firmware (except adding the Bluetooth launcher), however the other mod you had installed does. Installing both is not a good idea, and how well the other mod uninstalls is unknown to me. The safe thing for you to do would be to flash your device with the original Samsung's firmware, and then install NX-KS.
  13. In one case you have 256 possible values of the r/g/b, with the other you have 220 (shades of r/g/b), if it's worth using depends on your needs. (no idea why you would want to limit the Log LUT to 16-235, which means the LUT clips everything below 16 and above 235, forcing you to record with more limited tonal resolution) I made a LUT for my own use, here it is with some additional warming: Camera setting: WB: Auto WB G:1 B:0 A:2 M:0 Color: Red:x0.87 Green:x0.90 Blue:x1.00 Saturation: -3 / Sharpness: -10 / Contrast: -5 / Hue: 0 Usually I put a LUM-curve (to adjust black level, contrast and highlights, if needed) and above (next) the LUT (which you can adjust for temperature, sat to taste) you can download it and use it for non-commercial work from here:
  14. if you don't intend to grade (colour-correct) your video (in post-production), go for 16-235 otherwise, go for the 0-255
  15. Have you checked if you have better DR using 16-235? This was a leftover from the analogue age, and it most probably after the image is ready for encoding (and the DR is basically set) the encoder gets instructed to set those min/max values, which would result in lower tonal resolution, and no increase of DR (if we don't count some, if any, value interpolation by decoders, for the clipped regions).
  16. The camcorder-mode module was written by @Otto K maybe if we don't mask the HS, it will basically do exactly what's needed, and only a manual-focus on rec-start will be needed to have it working like that. (I mainly use manual lenses, so I get to manual focus all the time)
  17. "AF-S in video mode" - changing focus while in video turned problematic (focus pulling is barely working as it is at lower bitrates), but ... maybe something like focusing first, then starting video-rec in manual? (not sure if it will work)
  18. The updated v2.50 is up, which should fix the issue with camcorder mode on boot. When in comes to donations: Q: So, where's the Donate button? A: Nowhere. Find a suitable charity and donate. If you cannot afford it, find a local charity and see if they need help in person - it will do you a world of good. cheers
  19. The camcorder mode was making problems for the keyscan (all other shortcuts would not work) after camera restart, but I though I fixed that, but apparently it is still happening. Make sure you turn off the camera-mode before turning off the camera, so it won't start on boot. (starting it manually seems does not cause the issue) edit: the fix was rolled back in one of the latest updates, so it appeared again (my bad) I'll update the pack in a few min. edit2: nx-ks pack is updated (issue is fixed)
  20. ... does RS really matter? (we can't really change or make it better, can we?) however, I don't know if it's just me, but looking at the great example @Geoff CB showed here, don't you feel like the effect is much higher at the acceleration points, and when the speed is stable, the effect is negligible ? @Otto K, if you are interested if the 2.5K is line-skipping (which it looks it does), maybe the moire effect will be more telling (and maybe it could show how much skipping is does), but again, (how) can we use that info? edit: On a more positive note, last thing before the summer, I think we got two addresses which load LUT at recording start, so maybe we can modify and get those customized, however at the time I didn't recognize the format (they are not 3D LUTs). And if we can find a way to read exposure levels maybe we can get the time-lapse to auto-correct the exposure, and completely automate it for sun sets/rises.
  21. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes: Mod-menu > Custom Func. > Mod Resolutions > (select) VGA as UHD *note: if you have NX1, you need nx-ks v2.49 Set your camera to VGA, and check what comes out from the HDMI To tweak the hdmi-out, you can execute the codes above (via telnet), and see if there's any (there may not be any) difference in the output.
  22. as I said - "no idea", as I can't test HDMI-out here
  23. for recording - nope if you think of using HDMI - no idea (and I can't test it here) Change the VGA resolution, and see what comes out on the HDMI you can play and change the HDMI output: The possible settings are: 576P / 720P / 1080i / UD / UD_4K st cap capdtm setusr HDMIOUT 0x350001 st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT UserData is HDMIOUT_576P (0x350001) st cap capdtm setusr HDMIOUT 0x350002 st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT UserData is HDMIOUT_720P (0x350002) st cap capdtm setusr HDMIOUT 0x350003 st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT UserData is HDMIOUT_1080I (0x350003) st cap capdtm setusr HDMIOUT 0x350004 st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT UserData is HDMIOUT_UD (0x350004) st cap capdtm setusr HDMIOUT 0x350005 st cap capdtm getusr HDMIOUT UserData is HDMIOUT_UD_4K (0x350005)
  24. UHD at 50/60 fps was reported as possible only as HDMI output (via the VGA channel), however I have not personally tested it.
  25. yes, bitrate stays the same if not modified in the menu for 4K (by default it's 180Mbps) Cheers
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