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  1. Hi Guys I'm looking for a few contacts for projects that I want to shoot live with 2 x anamorphic rigs. Anyone up for work in the London area (between £200-400) for a day with their own anamorphic rig with follow focus? Got one date that I need to book someone for right now, but hopefully will get more soon. Drop me an email here: danreddingvideo@outlook.com Only shot one project like this before using multi cams with vintage lenses and two moving cameras and that came out like this (PLEASE DON'T SHARE AS THIS ISN'T RELEASED YET) :
  2. This is great! Thank-you! Just found another one too! I remember watching that film and not even noticing that... It's actually not my drone, but a mates, but I'll definitely look into that.. Got any examples of people doing that? Yeah, I gathered there was a bit of a stigma to it...
  3. So I took my GH4 anamorphic rig along to a beech at 5am to film some of my mate setting up to do some drone stuff... Here's the outcome of that little excursion and I really like the 2.35:1 anamorphic intro contrasted with the big wide 16:9 shot, but I wondered if anyone has any good examples of projects where aspects mix in one sequence/edit? Hope that makes sense. So letter boxes appear and disappear and what people think of that? Thanks Dan
  4. thanks to everyone that contributed to this post. I went out and brought a Zeiss 1.8 pancolor and shot this with it last week. Much happier with the flares I getting now, although I think I could probably find something a bit sharper. Been looking at a few Nikon 50mm ai 1.4 lenses, but not sure my addiction to buying taking lenses will end there. Thanks to everyone for their great advice! I want to shoot everything in anamorphic right now!
  5. ok, I'll get some lens cleaner and add the 44-3 to the list! If you have any suggestions for longer focal lengths (80 and 135 maybe) then please let me know!
  6. Thanks again! I've just brought the pin shot par 36 and will do an experiment with it to see how it matches with my usual set up. Not sure the colour temperature will match, but we will see. When I get another lens I'll try and buy something else a bit older and more roughed up... Looking forward to trying out that light, thanks for the advise!
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