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  1. I acquired a few decommissioned adapters from my local cinema the other day - after a long research trail I ended up here. On the most part the lenses are beat up and scratched to hell but there is one in fantastic condition which I'd like to start shooting through. I've never shot anamorphic but I'm familiar with the concept and the more i read about this technique more i'm feeling it. https://www.schneideroptics.com/ecommerce/CatalogItemDetail.aspx?CID=68&IID=835 The lens is Schneider ES Cinelux 2x MC and I think it will couple nicely with my 5D3/4:3/ML and 85 2.0 AIS prime. The allen wrench focusing looks cumbersome but I'll probably invest in a range finder which will bypass the annoyance of dbl focusing. The other negative with this lens is that it's unlikely to produce crazy flares (pretty sure it's multi-coated) but i'm willing to live with this as Schneider optics are so incredibly sharp! Plus, the lens was free so seems like a good starting point to build something up.... which brings me to my question. ... has anyone successfully mounted one of these on a rail system who can offer some advice on building a solid / cheap rig? The adapter is 70.65mm wide (front and back) and weighs 525g. I've read about the Tecnoir holders custom designed for this exact Schneider lens but I looks like they're no longer available. If anyone knows where to get a couple of these please let me know. A few criteria for the rig: 1. I'd like to house the adapter in a sturdy / pre-aligned unit which I can slide on and off so I can quickly interchange taking lenses. Would I be right in saying this would not require a vamp-clamp (or something similar?) as the adapter and the taking lens will not be physically connected? The Tecnoir holders look great - "align once the adapter once and forget about it?!" ..apparently. 2. I want an off the peg system which requires minimal fuss purchasing / researching / building (I'm a noob i this department) 3. Room for some follow focus if and when i need it. 4. Ideally cheap but sturdy (if this is even possible?) Ive been looking around I feel this one would be a suitable, lo-budget solution for the time being: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FOTGA-DP500IIS-DSLR-Camera-15mm-Rod-Rail-Support-Baseplate-Rig-For-Follow-Focus-/191738008353?hash=item2ca479d321:g:g24AAOSwIwhWRuSu I'm guessing, in order to fit a couple of lens holders to it I'll need to source another special plate and attach it to the lower slidey bit? Or, is there another cheap(ish) rig with everything I need straight out of the box? As I mentioned I'm new to this so any help/thoughts/pointers much appreciated. Cheers
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