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  1. Dear M Carter thanks for your post - of course you're right. But for now i only need advice which system would be more suitable for these kind of work. To choose tripod and external mic is more easy for me than a main body. Panasonic GH4 seems to be very versalite camera (especially with metabones XL adapter which gives crop 1,3 for 1080 and 1,5 for 4k). it gives also few advantages: shallow DOF with metabones and very acceptable DOF without (for work that not need extremly DOF) adapters almost to every mount (in nikon not avaliable),in the future to have more cinema look buying BMPC is an options (lensens and adapters will fit),size/weight/portable is an advantageMaybe i need to find someone having this baby near me. I used dslr's for many years (pentax and canon's) i know their strenghts and weakness. So it's difficult to choose between dslr and mirrorless, but i think that mirroless are future of photography.
  2. Hi everyone, i need some tools for use to make video: 1) for youtube channel with rock drilling tools: interviews, advices, demonstration of tools (for example in quarries) 2) for making clips for Non-governmental associations (documental, advertise) 3) for stills in high iso i thought about 4 ways to do it: 1.nikon 750d 2.sony a7s 3. panasonic gh4 4. canon 70d + 6d (i need stills too, in 6d moire could be problematic in quarries environment) All in the same price range (sony a7s needs metabones for usability so it wolud cost more) i wouldn't to use ML and RAW (canon gives only advantage in having 2 cameras instead of 1) easy of post-production would be an advantage.
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