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  1. Hi, somebody used the Sony A7 with a Canon FD lens with rotating mounting ring?
  2. Thanks Michael and Gregor, I will try with s log2 with a Novoflex adapter, the Fotodiox has so many light issues J
  3. Hello, I used Canon for 20 years and now I bought a Sony A7SII because I want to go into 4K but it is like learn how to walk again. I made a test during an assignment and the result is horrendous with extreme banding in 4k (you will need to enlarge the photo to see the stripes) that disappeared when I exported it to 1920x1080 in FCPX. I shot with 100 ISO without any profile with a Canon 24mm f1.4 + a Fotodiox adapter. The color is bad too, but one problem at time. Beside, I am using an old MacBook from 2010 that show me the advice "Editing projects with 4k (or larger) resolution is not recomme
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