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  1. FWIW, yesterday I noticed for the first time that Samsung is no longer selling the NX1 directly on their [USA] website. The green "buy" button is gone; there's only a button for "find online or locally".
  2. Why not - because they're expensive and aren't usable on other brands' bodies? Everything I've heard about the "S" lenses has been very positive.
  3. Looks great to me, Matthias. Thanks for posting. Don't know how much longer I want to wait. Tomorrow is the last day of the NX1 discount, but I imagine it'll be back - the same discount was offered in December. Not thrilled about the A6300's lack of touchscreen, and someone at DPR spoke of a "tiny hand cramping grip, poor controls...and no easy way to change AF points". It also lacks a headphone jack, though that alone isn't a deal breaker. I'm not experienced enough to know whether I'd be OK with the limitations of the NX1 in the lens department (i.e., no active adapter, no speedbo
  4. Thanks, Don. Will check it out. As for lens price, I wasn't thinking about resale, but rather about how much I'd have to spend to pick up additional lenses later on. Can you explain this, please? (I'm a newb.) Re: the 16-50 f/2-2.8, FWIW, those are available as "replacement parts" for considerably less than retail, so deals can be found.
  5. Through tomorrow (Feb 20), Samsung is offering $400 off the NX1 body. I’ve been considering this for a while now, but remain hesitant given that Samsung has apparently stopped updating its ILCs. This would be my first interchangeable-lens digital camera. (I learned a little about still photography on a Minolta XG-1 many years ago, but since then have only owned point-and-shoot cameras.) I’d like to be able to make as-close-as-possible-to-professional quality videos of myself playing piano for promotional purposes, in the spirit of the fixed-camera shots in the first 20
  6. FWIW - until Feb 20, Samsung has reduced the price of the NX1 to $1,099 USD ($400 off), like they did in December (at their web site, Amazon, B&H, etc). $1,299.99 with Power Zoom lens. Tempting...
  7. FWIW: I noticed yet another price change for the NX1 (at least here in the USA). In December, it was offered at $400 off ($1,099). Amazon was also offering a $200 gift card toward future photo product purchases. That was really tempting, but spooked by the rumors and the reported withdrawals from other markets, I held off. On or around December 26, the price went back up to list - $1,499. Yesterday I noticed it's now down to $1,199 ($300 off), both at the Samsung US site and at Amazon and B&H. Also, a number of accessories (carry bag, remote release, neck strap) aren't available for purcha
  8. NX1 with 16-50 mm "S" lens is now $2,200 USD. I first learned about this via Samsung's "Black Friday Deals" (their site says the price is good through December 26); but that price is also offered by major online retailers. I'm a non-pro looking for my first interchangeable-lens digital camera, to be used for both stills and video. It seems like a lot of camera for the money, but if the two market withdrawals reported so far are truly signs of Samsung leaving the camera business, then it wouldn't seem like a wise purchase in the medium and long term. My main concerns would be lack of service a
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