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  1. I agree, the lack of awareness is very damaging. Samsung themselves are partially to blame, they haven't oriented their marketing efforts to educate the public. As you said, most people think only of cell phones and home appliances when you say Samsung. People are not aware just how big Samsung is. When you say Samsung, most people think of Samsung Electronics --- which is just one company of 'Samsung Group' (75+ sub-companies and affiliates in different industries). For example, most people on this forum may be surprised to learn that Samsung does work in nuclear power, civil engineering sky scrappers, and even military defense technology. Samsung revenue accounts for nearly 20% of South Korea's GDP. They have an obscene net worth and expertise in nearly every field, so the the idea that they wouldn't have the technical ability to produce stellar camera technology, as some 'elitists' like to claim, is baseless. However, technical ability is of course not the only term in the equation. If you have poor leadership, conflicting leadership, bean counters that don't understand the long-term vision ...... well what you get are engineers that are forced compromised.... then you can get sh!tty products, and as we all know they have released some duds in the past. With more recent products, and especially the NX1 the technical team was finally unleashed to do their best work --- but the fear now is that it might have come too late. If the camera operation had been under-performing for years, the NX1 could be perceived as a hail-Mary pass --- with the market not responding quite enthusiastically as they had hoped. So now.... we're all left wondering what comes next. Do they have the grit to stick to a long-term play to garner respect and admiration in cameras, or has the sting of sustained losses scared them off.
  2. Assume the worst, it'll sting less that way. That's really nice to hear, seriously. I didn't work on it personally, but I know whatever the fate of the division the engineering team was doing their best till the very end. Especially cranking out those firmware releases, I have huge respect for them.
  3. I understand the concern. I think in most cases people either don't know what they are getting into, or it ultimately becomes a lack of 'free time' issue. If you guys download the .zip of NX1 source code I linked earlier you'll see that there's hundreds of files, many of which have thousands of lines of code each .... it can be daunting to come into that cold turkey and get your orientation --- which you need before you can effectively enhance any existing functionality, let alone add new features. The source code could be written in C/C++, but being knowledgeable in the language itself doesn't guarantee success with something like this .... depending on the features you're attempting to add you may need intimate knowledge of the device hardware, computer vision and imaging algorithms, linear algebra and other niches of math involved with these sort of calculations. I'm not trying to paint a rain cloud, just trying to provide some insight and theorize why some people might have the best of intentions but end up "disappearing". Anyway, I own a couple of NX1s and am quite fond of them so if I can do something to extend their longevity, I plan to explore it.
  4. I do plan to look into it, it should be feasible I just need to investigate. Those of you that linked info on the fellow that did custom NX300 firmware, that's helpful --- he'll probably be more motivated if he has an NX1 himself, but it never hurts to ask! Also, I saw someone else mention Magic Latern. Looks like people had posted on the ML forum to see if there was any interest in this sort of thing, I found this thread from back in May: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=15189.0
  5. Pavel & Marco I fully agree with you guys, it would be great if we could get a community driven effort to build custom fw. Over the holiday season I can use some of my free time to take a look at the NX1 source code and see what some 'low hanging fruit' might be in terms of enhancements. Adding features can of course vary greatly in complexity, so the type of additions I mentioned in my prior post (new resolution & frame-rate options) were simpler changes to make. Your suggestion for bitrate could be a good one .... the easiest points of attack are cases where the camera is technically capable of a particular function, but that option (for whatever reason) was not exposed in the camera's User Interface. Some of the improvements Samsung made to NX1 firmware after its initial release represent a serious time investment by a team of engineers, so to do more ambitious changes it would be great if I could find other enthusiasts with computer science backgrounds interested in collaborating. With time, effort, and ability anything is possible though.
  6. Well actually, I have good news for you Samsung DOES opensource the software for many of its cameras, including the NX1. Their main site for this is @ http://opensource.samsung.com/ But you can find a .ZIP package of the source code for the NX1 (and cameras) with this direct link @ http://opensource.samsung.com/reception/receptionSub.do?method=sub&sub=T&menu_item=photography&classification1=digital cameras Of course you have to have an idea what you are doing to modify and build new custom releases, but if you are C/C++ savvy and have patience it can be possible. As a quick example -- in the past I had an NX30. For video modes out-of-the-box it supported 1080P 30fps & 60fps, but curiously 24fps was restricted to 810p (Cinemascope?). Well that was annoying, I wanted 1080P @ 24fps .... so downloaded the NX30 source code from the aforementioned site and added a mode for it myself
  7. Nice deal!! 870 Euro for Body Only, Body + PowerZoom kit lens, or Body + S lens?? I'm a Samsung Engineer (computer, not camera!), curious how well they are selling now compared to our 'employee discount' price I can say that during the midst of all this rumor confusion the employee price has changed a few times -- adds to the confusion!
  8. True. Regardless, they've scuttled the whole operation. I'm sure they want to clear their existing inventory as best they can this holiday season, so delaying an announcement is sensible on their part (lunacy of killing the NX system aside). Maybe they will license their tech.....
  9. Yes, there's the whole Korean culture element to it of trying to preserve honor and dignity, which could be especially challenging in a situation were they to exit right as they had begun to garner genuine respect and accolade. Some might even call it lunacy. I'm in engineering, but not affiliated with cameras in anyway. Samsung is heavily compartmentalized internally, so even those on the inside are nearly in the dark as much as you lot. It's been tough following these threads, my passion for both engineering and photography had me wanting to see the camera effort succeed. I've purchased several of them with my own money, and the NX1 in particular is a great tool to work with. No machine is perfect, but people worked extremely hard on it and I was happy to see them largely succeed.... regardless of what Samsung's official response to this rumor turns up as.
  10. Samsung is in major cost cutting mode. This isn't merely limited to cameras & imaging. Labs have been closed and projects axed across the world, even America. The decisions concerning what projects and labs to cut are being made by the 'bean counters'. It is my belief that the camera group has been disbanded for the time being. Tragic, because they finally hit their stride and had a phenomenal engineering team that was passionate about the product.
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