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  1. So, just order two different configured DSO FlareFactorys 58 lenses. Will have to wait 9-15 weeks till delivery. Looking forward to some great filmmaking then...
  2. Thanks Ishootbeforetalk :-). Yep I know about the possible Helios 44 lens, was just wondering if the Flarefactory would be better and if the DSO Trump38 would work to. But I guess the Trump38 will now work with the Kowa 16H.
  3. Hello, Would like to get some help to find out if it is possible to use the DSO Trump58 as the taking lens with a KOWA 16H. That then mounted with adapters to GH4. Hope to get some answers as I Richard Gale ist super busy in work and is hard to reach. THANSK for any feedback. With regards Kevin
  4. Hello there, Does anyone have an idea of any good V-log settings for the GH4. Have not found any information on the panasonic site. Thanks for any feedback. Regards Kevin
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