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  1. I wish Blackmagic would take the 4K and 6K Pockets and put them in boxes like Z Cam and Komodo. No need to change anything else, just put them in a box. Their current form factor really sucks, don't know what they were thinking.
  2. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    Point me to the post where I have said anything even remotely close to that. Again, point me to the post where I have expressed hate for RED. You can't. Because most of my posts in this thread included phrases like "It's dirt cheap for what you get in terms of specs". I've also provided accurate information for those who have had misinformed opinions about the price, the specs and accessories, based solely on their previous impression of RED. You are the first user with a negative reputation on this forum that I've seen. Wonder why?
  3. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    Yes, it's not going to be free, but it's still dirt cheap for what you get in terms of specs. But I'm with you on trusting RED. They had no qualms letting A-list powerhouse directors like David Fincher, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, Steven Soderbergh, James Gunn, Robert Zemeckis, Terrence Malick and Sam Raimi shoot their very expensive movies, with stunts that might be hard to capture again, into RED Minimags that they knew to be very low quality and thus very unreliable. If they are prepared to fuck over their most important clients like that without blinking, how are they going to screw the little guy who is going to buy Komodo because it's the first RED camera he/she can afford? I'm mostly interested in the form factor, it's basically my dream camera in terms of the size and the shape. But if Blackmagic, Canon or Sony released something close to it, even with slightly inferior specs, I wouldn't think twice about skipping RED. Even though Komodo would pay for itself in like two weeks just because it's RED. Every lingerie model, amateur band, hobbyist skateboarder, wannabe director and hip startup company goes crazy for the brand for some reason. If you want to roll in cash, shoot on RED and do post on Apple.
  4. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    1) The price has been about 6K for 6K right from the beginning. Jarred's first post said that "It's not under 5K unless you own a Hydrogen" and Hydrogen owners get a discount of at least 1K. Latest pricing is that the first few units are 7K while the normal release will be 6K. 2) Komodo can use 3rd party accessories and media. I'm not even sure if it's possible to use RED accessories or media on it even if you wanted to. Buy CFast cards from your local store, get a monitor from SmallHD or a recorder from Atomos and start shooting. I've seen a lot of posts like yours online about Komodo. This highlights the problem with Komodo and all RED products moving forward: People have certain perception of them and their products which is difficult to change.
  5. The rumor didn't say when the FX6 would be announced.
  6. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    There is info about all of those, it's just buried in the gigantic Komodo thread on their forum. Dynamic range will be about the same as Helium, lower by half a stop or less. No downside in choosing global shutter, they might even make the camera global shutter only. Sensor size is slightly larger than Super 35 so more like APS-H. Higher the FPS, higher the crop. RED is against downsampling for some reason.
  7. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    About to be launched it seems.
  8. Small cube like RED Komodo or Z Cam.
  9. Trailer for a feature film shot on the original C300 + Zeiss CP2 lenses. Looks pretty good to me.
  10. Elagabalus

    RED Komodo

    RED's patent is for compressed RAW. Doesn't really matter whether it's used in a camera, a recorder or a phone. Atomos and others have to pay RED to include ProRes RAW. Sony does uncompressed RAW, not compressed. Again, doesn't matter whether it's inside the camera or outside the camera, as long as it's not compressed RAW, they'll be in the clear.
  11. Still no FX6. First it was supposed to be announced at IBC 2019 for spring 2020 release, then it was supposed to be announced at NAB this year, then after NAB got cancelled it was supposed to be announced during this show. Still nothing. Does it even exist? Or have they just gone back to the drawing board?
  12. Just a few posts ago I said I was intrigued by FX6 and you replied to that very post. Why so touchy? Are you working for Sony?
  13. Most people I know from that target group are now in a very precarious situation financially, even worse than the "big boys" running with cameras that cost more than 10k. They've been making short films (no profit), camera tests (no profit) or very low budget ads/corporate videos because they needed to undercut their bigger competitors (low profit). They don't have gigs lined up for the foreseeable future, they don't have any savings to get them through the crisis and they can't really even sell their gear to cover their living expenses because the value on the used gear market is so low, especially with better cameras now 50% off or more. When this storm passes, many of them have probably already moved on to some other job that offers more stability. And the ones who stay will either be content with the gear they have OR will lust after the newest and hottest camera of the moment which at that point won't be FX6 anymore. I mean, nobody I know is looking to buy new gear right now. And when the time comes to think about possibly improving their package, will they even remember that FX6 exists? These are just my observations and predictions so I might be wrong.
  14. FX6 will be 4k 10bit as stated in the opening post.
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