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  1. Hello. Is the Rectilux Hardcore DNA still available? Do you accept PayPal?
  2. I would be VERY interested in your design with the above specs and estimated price range. I have an Iscorama 36 waiting for your 're mechanising'. Along a similar line of inquiry, a while back, Tony, Redstan, aired the idea of using anamorphic elements from an Iscomorphot S8 2X possibly with the focusing elements of an Iscorama. Do you recall that thread, and have any insight into the possibility? For example, if I have an Iscorama 36 with a damaged rear element, could anamorphic elements from the Iscomorphot S8/2X be used as a replacement? Would it be possible to get infinity focus? As is, the Iscomorphot S8/2X is great for portraits, but will not focus to infinity. Would this be worth considering with the prototype that you are designing?
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