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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going on holidays in about 2 weeks time and am looking to buy an A7s to accompany me on my travels. These are the main reasons I've decided to go with the A7s: Size - I own a 5D Mark III, but it's too cumbersome to carry with me everywhere and is hardly discrete.sLog - I usually shoot RAW via Magic Lantern on my Mk3, so sLog will give me similar flexibility in post without the painful workflow.Ridiculous low-light capabilityNow, I have a few questions... Are there any accessories that I should definitely look into buying? Memory cards (obviously), loupes, ND filters etc...What would be an ideal all-purpose travel lens?I have a Zeiss 35mm which I've adapted for my Canon. If I change the mount to suit the Sony, what focal length will it effectively be?Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
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