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  1. Hello guys, I am trying to make some really nice timelapse in the next weeks.I go the GH4 with the lumix 12-35 f2.8 lens.As it is not a manual lens the camera body is all the time conected with the lens.That is a problem causing flicker in the timelapse.I am a perfectionist so i want the timelapse to just be perfekt and stunning.My question now is how to fix that problem with the flicker.I have read to just disconnect the lens slightly from the body and shoot.Apparently this is not working(showing error).I enabled to shoot without the lens and just put it infront of the sensor without turning it(or just a tiny bit) and it works but the lens will not stay in place.Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix that problem without damaging anything ?Every help is appreciated.!
  2. As i see my PC does not handle the 4K GH4 very well when i import them straight into Premiere CC 2014.Alot of frames are droping even without any colour correction applied.What i want to know is what can i do to fix that problem.I already had the preview monitor on 1/4 of the quality.By the way i only have a 1tb hard drive.Is there any way to work with the 4k of the gh4?.The only thing i found was a decoder that made the large 4k files small mpeg2 files.I had no problems at all with those.My question is,is there any quality loss?I dont know exactly if i see any big differences between the two files.Every information would help me and would be appreciated.
  3. The thing is that my clients might want some photos too and i want to do some photography too.Got a Nikon 3100 right now but its old and i want something better.The ax100 camcorder seemed nice but i dont like the profile of the picture.I dont know.
  4. I agree with that.But you know its my first cam that i really bought with my money.Thats why i want it to be new and then when GH5 comes out sell my gh4 for the half price.I think i will stick with the gh4 for now.But i dont know if going native or adapted.My only concern is that the metabones adapter is so expensive.Is there any other sollution that is cheaper and same good as the metabones
  5. Downscaling the 4k to 1080 will give me better image i guess then the a7s.1600€ used or new?
  6. At first thank you all for the help.Appreciate it.Here are some further information that might help you understand my needs.So at first i am new.Got 1year of shooting under my belt.I had a Panasoc camcorder but i am not that happy with it anymore.I really like SDOF and a nice flat image which i will colour grade in post.I really like the cinematic look.I want to shoot with the camera some small 5min documentaries and some short film.But more advertising videos for Hotels and small buisnesses.(we dont need to talk about sliders/tripods and other stabilaization cause i already have that).Its a big investment for me thats why i want somwthing that fits my needs.1800euro is my budget but if 200euro would make a significant change then i could afford it.Till i do my Hotel advertising spots i have 1year to prepare.What set up would be the best.I really like the look of the Sigma 18-35 but the adaptor from metabones is like 700euro and its really expensive.What can i do?
  7. Hello Guys and Girls.I am looking to purchase in a month or a half a nice new camera to replace my panasonic camcorder.I am interested in those two but i dont know what will be better.At first is it worth buying a gh4 now or not?My budget is 1,800-2000 euro.Was thinking or the Gh4 with the 12-35 f2.8 lumix vario or the g7 with metabones speed booster and a good sigma lens.What would you recommend to do?I am totally lost.
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