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  1. Thank you Hans for this valuable information. :)

    I found a Helios 44-2 in Ukraine but i am not sure if it has the golden coating, It does not have the white zebra markings on the focus ring so probably not. I will keep my eyes open for a white version.  I will also need a 52 to 49mm step down ring i presume?

    Redstan clamp sounds like a good choice. I have also found a speedbooster for m4/3 to m42.

    Anyway, tnx again. When i got all the components i will try to post some footage. :)




  2. First lens and first post on this forum. Hello everybody.
    I just bought a Isco Iscomorphot 16/2x Anamorphic cinema-scope lens Isco Göttingen from ebay. This will be my first Anamorphic lens. It seems to be stripped from a Bauer projector and i like to use it on a GH4 for video and a Fuji XT1 for stills. However i have some questions...

    First question: is it any good? ;)
    It seems to have a mount diameter of 38.92 mm . Could anyone advise me on a good and inexpensive lens clamp
    here in Europe?

    Anyone tried this lens? What master lens are you using on m 4/3 or better, what focal length would you use to minimize vignetting?
    For the moment i have a kit zoomlens on the GH4 and a sigma 60mm f2.8 prime.

    On the Fuji Xt-1 i have a 35 F1.4, 23 F1.4 and 56 F1.2.

    Any input would be appreciated ;)


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